Remuremu (Selliera)- Our Bestseller

finetideturflawnRemuremu (Selliera) grows naturally in tidal estuary flats and in river bed along the New Zealand coast line.


Colour: A strong vibrant emerald green colour boosted by little white flowers in the late spring and early summer.

Hardiness: It is tough.

Management: No need to mow however in patches where the fertility is higher it may grow longer, so once a year a little topping may be desirable by some growers.

Weeding: It is tolerant to salt, so weeds can be managed by applying a fine salt on to the weeds when they are wet.  The weeds then absorb the salt along with the water and die, hence no need for herbicides etc.

Preparation: As you would for a lawn by removing weeds, adding some fine compost and ensuring there are no low points where water could settle.

Things to beware of: The leaves can get bronze tips (you can see a few in the photo at the top of the page) and brown off if it comes under stress.  This stress could be from excessive heat and lack of water (remember it’s natural environment) or coldness and frosts.  Likewise if the drainage is poor it has been known to die back from a fungal disease but can be treated with a fungicide.

saltresistentSalt Resistant

It is salt resistant which not only means it grows well in seaside areas but you can control weeds with salt.

This photo shows the result of a couple of light salt applications on long grasses and other weeds which were completely smothering the plugs.

This feature makes for ease of maintenance.

seleria_microphyllaNaturally Grown Patch of Selliera

It grows naturally in a seaside recreational area with occasional pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It has occasional salt water coverage.

It survives very well in natural conditions – an  established lawn of Selliera requires less weeding and maintenance than a traditional lawn.