NoMow lawns and ground cover plants


Fine Tide Turf

Fine Tide Turf lawnDue to high demand, forward ordering will be necessary to secure plants for your project. Please enquire re availability, etc now.

Fine Tide Turf has more qualities than any other previously known Nomow lawn plant or traditional lawns.

BETTER - Grows denser and tighter than any other lawn plant including grass
SAFER - No need at all for herbicides, etc. All you need is sea salt for weed control.
EASIER - Survives well on minimal water once established and can be watered with sea water.
VERSATILE - Steep slopes and mounds, etc need no tricky maintenance or care. Perfect near pools.
ADAPTABLE - Will grow in very shallow soil - as little as 5cm. Ideal for roof gardens and
between pavers, etc. Grows in a wide range of soil types from clay to sand or boggy soils.
SIMPLER - No need for tools, machines and paraphenalia to maintain.
ECONOMICAL - 1 well established nursery tray can cover up to 2-3m2.. My record is 140 plugs from 1 tray with 100% survival working out at 25cents per plug.
TRADITIONAL - Fine, narrow leaf forms look very similar to grass, which we mainly grow in New Zealand.
TOLERANT - Is resilient to significant traffic wear including occasional vehicles. Tolerate sun or part shade.

Salt Resistant

Fine Tide Turf is salt resistant which not only means it grows well in seaside areas but you can control weeds with salt.

This photo shows the result of a couple of light salt applications on long grasses and other weeds which were completely smothering the plugs.

This feature of Fine Tide Turf makes for ease of maintenance.

Naturally Grown Patch of Selliera

Fine Tide Turf growing naturally in a seaside recreational area with occasional pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It has occasional salt water coverage.

Selliera survives very well in natural conditions - doesn't need weeding or much maintenance.